Pea Premium Protein Unflavoured
Pea Premium Protein Unflavoured
Pea Premium Protein Unflavoured
Pea Premium Protein Unflavoured

Pea Premium Protein Unflavoured

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100% Clean Natural Premium Protein Powder, No nasty stuff, we have stripped everything unnecessary to give the best to you.

Our yummy Pea Premium Protein made with the best Golden European Peas, Unflavoured and unsweetened with a hint of Coconut, easy to use in your every day as a boost to your needs, just add 2 heaped tablespoons in water or your favorite milk, mammas milk bar blend, shake, however you like it, and you are good to go

Packed with 100% yummy natural ingredients like pure Golden European Pea, and Powdered Coconut Cream we use only the good stuff in Mammas Milk Bar Premium Clean Protein and are Proudly made in New Zealand. 

Our clean protein is VEGAN Friendly, Gluten Free, Nut Free. Soy Free and LOW in Carbs at 0.9 grams per serving and Low in Sugar. Because we know some mammas want to be able to control their own SUGAR intake!

Mammas Milk Bar protein is manufactured using ultrafiltration processing. Each 30 grams serving provides an impressive 19 grams of Protein and contains your branch essential amino acids for healthy development. (Mum speak: Essential Amino acids make up the macro nutrient which we call - Protein!)

500g per bottle


Premium Golden Pea Protein, Powdered Coconut Cream, Nothing Else


Our protein powders do not contain lactating ingredients. They are meant to support protein needs. But you CAN mix the two into something delicious when exercising etc for the mammas worried about working out and losing milk supply. Find our lactation blends here!

Because we know how #mumlife is, storage is Never enough and so we designed our pretty bottles to be reusable in the kitchen, to store toys, tools etc. Each bottle comes with a blank label sticker so you can rename and reuse however you wish!

Please note that Mammas Milk Bar Whey Protein is not intended as a sole source of nutrition, only as a boost to meet protein needs and should be taken with a healthy and varied diet containing whole food sources of protein such as tofu, chicken, pulses and meat.